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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

We can beat Terrorist with Pancasila value
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Toni Ervianto. 

The series of bomb attacks which was launched by terror groups especially JAD's cell terror starting with Mobile Brigade's jail riot which took 5 police's officer was dead and them other un anticipated terror attacks had also been occurred in several places in Surabaya, East Java and their recently attacks has been happened at Riau Police headquarters which was injured two police's officer who stubbed the suspects and one police's was killed.

According to former BIN's deputi chief As'ad Said Ali, terror attacks which was linked with JAD couldn't easy to detect because recently on the progress of terror group is they are not in "one command chain", they have many of sleeping cell which could be moved just only they heard "attacking instructions" through on social media. Since 2016, JAD's top leader Aman Abdurrahman had been given "fatwa" for JAD's members and symphatizers in Indonesia did not go to Syria and Iraq and enough to do their attacks in Indonesia which was claimed by them as "their countries or daulah".

Some of an intelligent pundits have been predicting terror attacks did not end as quick as possible. 

Obviously, the series of terror attacks in Indonesia had been taken a great attention from several foreign government such as Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Iran and British which were condemned "barbaric attacks" which were killed and injured some of an innocent people. 

We must sure and believe that a terror attacks did not able to defeat our country and to replace our national ideology, Pancasila with other radical ideology. 

We should strong to fight terror attacks through we must consistently implement Pancasila's value. At Pancasila's point of view, a terror attacks had contratried with Pancasila's value number 1 and number 2 because a terror attacks as uncivilicized actions and its does not reflect religious teachings. 

We must use Pancasila to overcome the seeds of terror perpetrators. The basic attitude which can be changed be terror attitude is a radical and an intolerance. Most of men have been trended to be terror perpetrators based on many of survey results. 

A person who has a radical and an intolerance attitude because they do not know the true of their religious theachings and last but not least they did not learn seriously and correctly from Pancasila's norms and values. 

We must be worried because many of Indonesian youth generations have been believe in an other ideology and radical including accepted and agreed terror attacks as part of struggle to reach justice. According to these phenomenon, the Jokowi's administration must be intensifying mental revolution program, state defend program, deradicalization process and socialization and dissemination of Pancasila's norms and values through on social media, building Pancasila's defender networking and other strategic program which will suitable and proper to do during millenial's era. 

We must hand to hand and togetherness to eliminate the future of potential terror's cadre raising with seriously and continuesly implementing Pancasila's value at all of life's chain. Hopefully. 

The writer is a national issues observer and political and business consultant.


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