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Monday, May 14, 2018

Defending and maintaning Pancasila for the best future of indonesian youth Generation
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writer by: Toni Ervianto *)

Toni Ervianto *)

STRATEGIC ASSESSMENT-Nationality situation in Indonesia has seriously been needed deep attention because the progress of democratization process and the current situation in Indonesia are directly too more brutal and did not control if we do not alert it.

The progress of national situation in Indonesia nowadays has been drawn and written with several unpredicted progress such as the weaken of rupiah over US dollar, un anticipated shock such as Brimob’s jail riot in Kelapa Dua, Depok, West Java, the rising of an intolerance attitude, a massive circulation of hate-speech and bigotry on social media.

hastag’s war between #2019gantipresiden with #Jokowi2periode, the promotion of other state ideology from an interest group and the rising of botmageddon phenomenon on social media during the preparation of simultaneous regional elections in 2018 and the next presidential elections.

Many of Indonesia’s has still believe in Pancasila as national tenet can be solved all of national problems if we can implement Pancasila consistently and neutrally.   Theoritically, the weaken of rupiah over US dollar has been triggering from an external changes which can not be handled by Indonesia government itself because it was related with other fiscal and moneter policy from other countries such as the UnitedStates and EU’s countries, and the change of global political and security landscape in Indonesia.

But the weaken of rupiah has been politicized by several politician as the failure of economic government policy and because of that the people of Indonesia in 2019 presidential elections must not choose the current national leader. I think this reason or argument from anti-government politician has contraried with Pancasila norms and values, because continuing of those argument could be endangered national and economic situation and it does not relevant with Pancasila’s value.

Un anticipated shock such as Mobile Brigade (Brimob)’s jail riot has alerted us about the existence of a terror cell around Indonesia and its had been drawn that an intolerance attitude has been increasing in Indonesia and those phenomenon could be broken national solidarity and could be worst if it will be politicized for pragmatic political purpose.

Previously, the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) head, Budi Gunawan, PhD had been warned that the rising and the spreading of an intolerance attitude could be endangered national integration. I think his opinion is true, because an intolerance and obdurate attitude are the basic of radical and terror action trigger.

Politicization over those facts can make rabble-rousers in Indonesia will be gained their political purpose. I think if every people in Indonesia including their government can be implemented Pancasila’s ideology as their way of life and guidance to make neutral and positive policy, an intolerance and obdurate attitude which could make distrust to the government could be erased.

  A massive circulation of hate-speech and bigotry on social media has been contrary to Pancasila’s ideology, because our national ideology did not teach us about a negative sentiment to other religion followers, tribe communities and a minority societybecause all of they are our national neighborhood and they will be as friend and colleagues to build and to keep our national freedom and our national development progress.

Actually the circulator of hate-speech and bigotry is a coward and national inferno, because they can not adjust the different of political stand as a positive democracy progress, but a coward and rabble-rousers has received the political difference values and norms as a political opponent.   Recently and obviously, there are several interest groups have been struggling to promote other national ideology which will opposite with our national ideology, Pancasila.

The latent progress of caliphate values, communist purge movement and anarchist political movement in Indonesia could be endangered and replaced our national ideology Pancasila. If Pancasila has been replaced by other ideology, we can predict Indonesia’s plurality and diversity will be ended, and Indonesia will be jumped to prolonged national conflict and
an identity crisis.

Last but not least, we must defend and maintain Pancasila if we want to Indonesia’s existence and prosper and bright future for our next generation in the millennials era could be reached. Hopefully.

The writer earned his bachelor degree at political program at the University of Jember (Unej) and also earned his master degree at the University of Indonesia (UI)

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